Join HotNiteLife's family and deliver world-class entertainment to the people

We currently have openings and are looking for driven and experienced people with a passion for the Entertainment industry. We take pride in our events both in customer service and the events themselves. We strive to hire the best. Here are a few qualities we’re looking for: 

  • 3+ years Entertainment experience

  • Knowledge of Nightclubs and yearly Music Festivals

  • Willingness to Work hard, Interact and Talk with people

  • Technologically adept

  • Ability to drive 100+ miles to and from destinations

  • Love of MUSIC is a must

Please contact our office if you are interested or have questions about the hiring process. We will perform a background check for past driving offenses that may exclude you from employment.

Who We Are

Bobby Barinelli

President of HotNiteLife

Our History

Patrick Pool

Director for West Coast events.

Job Opportunities

Our Team

James Farrell

Advisor for East Coast regions.

As a leader in our business industry we have found that you need to bring energy and electricity to the forefront. Both in the event itself and in person. We strive to be available at all times for our clients. HotNiteLife is a exciting "independent" entertainment company that brings to its business clients high-energy, high-class events and concerts.

Some of our high-tech perks include high-speed Internet connectivity, phone conferencing, as well as charging stations at music events. Your gadgets will work without a problem when you ride with HotNiteLife


John McCoist

Advisor for West Coast events. 



HotNiteLife's Founding company Tri-Star Vending was created for bar and nightclub business on Long Island New York.

The business grew quickly and in just a few years went from a few clients to many throughout the New York market. Spinning off our company HotNiteLife.  

HotNiteLife expanded its shows to include Music Festivals and to new areas throughout the New York market. Including the Hamptons in the east and New York City to the west. We started receiving recognition throughout the industry.

After 10 years in business and growing its's reputation HotNiteLife became a recognized name in the East Coast music scene. 

HotNiteLife expanded its business again by offering its vast services to a growing client base on the West Coast both in the Real world and in the growing Digital World.These important digital platforms include today's computer tablets, mobile phones and the Internet.